The Steelers drop the 4th game in a row this season, and if you include preseason and last season, it's many more than 4. 

The problems are many, but as stated millions of times in a million different forums, it starts with that front line. It's time for those young guys to put on their big boy pants and realize they are no longer the best on their team in high school, the best on their team in college, but are now at the bottom of the best in the NFL. They need to work harder or not play. The performance that comes from them right now is unnacceptable. They do not deserve to play for my Pittsburgh Steelers. 

I may be harsh, but dropping 4 games in a row, and realistically not really even being IN the game until the last quarter is ridiculous and just absolutely not acceptable.

So, consider yourselves warned O-line. There won't just be a call for #FireToddHaley, but one for pretty much all of your sorry non-blocking, getting pushed up butts on that line. 

So, now for the positives. There are a few, I suppose. First, as someone on twitter pointed out, we can now start the Jadeveon Clowney watch. If there's one thing about sucking that might be good, it's a high draft pick. And this kid better be on the list if we're picking early.

Second, we finally got to see Le'Veon Bell. While I am not sure he can participate as a blocking RB - his first try and he dove to trip someone on his way to Ben - he is fast and scored the Steelers first rushing TD of the season. Finally. We can now exhale.

Bell scores first rushing touchdown for the Steelers

And Antonio Brown learned a lot from Hines Ward.As was proven by that falling through the air catch on his back. I think Emmanuel Sanders did too because he was throwing a couple blocks that were Wardesque. Ultimately, I am thankful the Steelers didn't cut Jericho Cotchery who once again proves his value by helping with those final few drives down the field. He makes plays when we need them. Something some of those young guys, specifically on the O-line don't understand.

I don't even blame that wholly on them. They need mentoring and the guy with the most experience is Pouncey. He's in his third year. I think Velasco is a blessing in disguise. I'm not sure Pouncey can provide the mentoring they all need. And he's no real leader. They might all look up to him, but he's not a leader in the traditional sense of the word. This is nothing new, I have been saying the same thing all season.

Today, the biggest disappointment was the defense. We expect better play for them and certainly to help get the offense back on the field. Week 4 and they are still the only team with no takeaways. There were opportunities, Ike with a couple possibilities for interceptions (he has NO hands for a CB, none), Woodley with the forced fumble but we just couldn't recover and instead the Vikings recover for the first down they just shouldn't have had, and then there was the Greg Jennings touchdown, missed tackles galore. 

There's just no excuse. There were so many things wrong with the game. Bad clock management on Tomlin. Play calls on Haley. Poor defensive schemes on LeBeau. You name it, it was a problem. 

I was a big supporter of firing Arians, and I hate to even admit that I am now on the fire Haley bandwagon, but none of it is working.

I don't see a game in the rest of the schedule that's winnable from this team. Going 0-16 is a real possibility. I said that to the Kid earlier and he said he didn't want to see Tomlin get fired. I don't either, I think he's a good coach, but today was no reflection of that. I give him the benefit of the doubt, Haley, I am not so sure. 

Just disappointed.

At least the kid's team is 4-0. I have Friday Night Lights to look forward to.