This week we look at the effect on the three point shooting of the Cavaliers by Shaquille O’Neal...

Three Point Percentage with Shaq (53 games):

Team Shooting is 401-1011 (39.7%)

Anthony Parker is 70-158 (44.3%)

Boobie Gibson is 59-124 (47.5%)

Mo Williams is 100-228 (43.9%)

LeBron James is 101-284 (35.6%)

Three Point Percentage without Shaq (22 games):Team Shooting is 157-440 (35.7%), which is 4.0 percentage points lower

Anthony Parker is 29-82 (35.4%), which is 8.9 percentage points lower

Boobie Gibson is 12-24 (50.0%), which is 2.5 percentage points higher

Mo Williams is 43-113 (38.0%), which is 5.9 percentage points lower

LeBron James is 27-89 (30.3%), which is 5.3 percentage points lower

There is a dramatic difference with Shaq in the line-up and with him out of the line-up....

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