There are countless ways to begin your own bonsai tree, from a cutting all the way to picking a wild tree. However, the most practical and easiest way to grow your own Bonsai tree would be to get it from a nursery. When searching for your first bonsai take your time and visit many nurseries to see all the species and styles available. The contour of your bonsai should be among the more important aspects when deciding which bonsai to choose. You want to choose the contour of the bonsai early on because wiring and pruning generally begins in the 2nd and 3rd year.

Selecting the right size and shade of the pot you will use is significant in making a Bonsai tree. Usually bonsai pots are quite shallow and have some drainage holes in the underside. The appropriate pot may create the overall layout of the tree for it helps in the harmony and balance of the design and style of the tree.

Once you've picked your bonsai you need to begin the entire process of potting it. It's vital to get this measure right because the pot will function as the training ground for the bonsai for the next few years. It can take a long time for the plant to adapt to the bonsai pot yet it's a fundamental part of keeping the young plant small.

-- Prior to potting your plant make sure it is well watered.
-- Put wires inside the shallow pot leading to the drainage hole to guide the youthful tree until it is well created.
-- Bonsai pots generally have fairly large drainage holes so you may need to put some mesh over the hole to prevent soil escaping.
-- You should now remove your bonsai from its old container, once its removed use some chopsticks to help remove as much of the ground as possible.
-- be certain to inspect the roots from damage and dead littles.
-- You will now need to trim around a third of the root bulk of the bonsai, attempt to remove as many of the larger roots as potential while keeping the small 'feeder' roots.

Farming using cuttings or seeds

Growing a bonsai from seeds is a very long procedure and takes years. Still, it is among the most satisfying ways of growing a bonsai. You can get seeds from almost everywhere, among the best approaches would be to go out and look for these in the wilderness.

Cuttings from Trees

Another approach to beginning your bonsai is from cuttings, you are able to collect these from greenhouses or merely grab small branches of wild trees. If you collect cuttings from national parks don't forget to ask among the rangers if you're permitted to. Using cuttings to start a bonsai is quite a common approach because it shaves off a lot of unnecessary growing time.

Complex Propagation techniques

In addition, there are more advanced techniques that people use to start their bonsai trees - layering and grafiting. The aim of layering will be to get the tree grow another branch from its old branch. Instead grafting centers around creating a new branch by attaching the stump and graft together.

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