Hello everyone, and let me be the first to welcome you to the return of Spotlighting the Indies. For those unfamiliar with the column, it is a weekly series where I will be looking at the backbone of pro wrestling and talk about the lesser known stories of the ring. I do hope you take the time to not only enjoy my article, but also check out the subject I am discussing as well!



This week I will be taking a look at the legendary Star Man. You may be asking yourself “Who is that?”  Surely you jest. After all who can forget the legendary battles between Star Man and the Amazon, or the epic title match where Star Man captured the VWF title against the Great Puma. Still doesn’t ring a bell (Sorry for the silly pun)?



Fear not!  If you have no clue who Star Man is that does not make you a bad wrestling fan. In fact, it probably makes you cooler since you would have to be a video game nerd to know who I am talking about. For those not in the know (which is more of a compliment than an insult), Star Man is a video game  character from the Nintendo Classic Pro Wrestling.



In this game you would pick a wrestler and battle your way to the top of the ranks to try and become the VWA champ. After capturing the title the fun doesn’t stop there, you must then defend the belt ten times to get a shot at the much sought after VWF title. During your travels to glory you would fight such colorful wrestlers as Fighter Hayabusa, King Slender, Kin Corn Karn, The Amazon, The Great Puma, and Star Man if you pick one of the other wrestlers.



I have to tell you, my friends and I spent countless hours battling it out in front of the TV. It is also worth mentioning that this game was a major influence on pro wrestling games of today. It was the first pro wrestling game where you can battle in and out of the ring with button combo finishers.




How does this translate to today’s wrestling scene?  You may be scratching your head and pondering on the matter. Well, about a month ago while I was cruising through YouTube and I ran across an Indy federation called Pro Wrestling Syndicate. While watching a few matches I noticed some talent I will be keeping an eye on, but it was the billing of Star Man that caught my eyes.




I thought to myself this surely is just a coincidental play on words. After all who the hell remembers a video game from 1986 in this day and age? Well my friends, I was pleasantly floored when I saw that it was indeed my video game wrestling hero. This instantly opened up the floodgates to my childhood past.




But unlike the Star Man of the Past; this one is a real entity. Star Man, also know as the “The Super Space Traveler” hails from - where else - outer space. He weighs in at a whopping 8 mega pixels, and is known to have an allegiance of “Star hoes” (I kid you not). Known as a high flier, Star Man will finish you off with his deadly Somersault Kick and Flying Cross Chop.




As corny as all that sounds, I assure he is just as corny in and out of the ring. His intro music is the old NES Pro Wrestling Music, and when he walks to the ring it even looks like the old NES wrestler walking (if that makes sense). Also as an added bonus, during the match he will bust out a “game freeze,”  where he just stops and doesn’t move. Much like playing Nintendo and your game will randomly freeze forcing you to start over.



To many this may sound like nothing but a corny gimmick that will most likely have a very short shelf life, and to this I would agree. After all, many go to Indy shows to go see up and comers like Prince Devitt or Samuray del Sol. Still there is something to be said for the novelty acts in pro wrestling.





These are the wrestlers who know what they are and know that no one takes them seriously. Yet they troop on because they know they put a smile on peoples faces. For that reason alone you have to hold a certain amount of respect for them.




To be fair though, Star Man has stood the test of time so far. He has grown to be a crowd favorite, and currently stands as the current as the PWS Tri State Champion. If that is not a testament to the magic of pro wrestling I do not know what is.



When all is said and done, “wrasslin” is nothing more than suspended belief of a fake sport filled with gimmicks and trickery. That is why I get a kick out of some writers or fans who get all pissy about who is getting the rub and who isn't. Instead of bitching about the sport, we as fans we should embrace it for all its worth. After all whether its the athletic, the goofy, the good or the bad, us fans and wrestlers grow under the same dysfunctional family tree.