irst of all, NXT’s new theme is Coheed and Cambria’s “Welcome Home”. I’ll give you a moment let that sink in. Feel free to do some research. Okay, you back? Yeah, that’s an awesome song, isn’t it? BAD ASS.

NXT’s new home at Full Sail University also looks nice and hits the right spot between intimate and packed with people. It’s definitely an upgrade over FCW’s old facility. Like the main WWE shows it has a ramp and a big screen but they’re not nearly on the same scale. I dig it. JR comes out to start the show and introduces the new general manager of NXT, Dusty Rhodes. The American Dream hypes up the show as only he can and all the zaniness that could happen. JR segues to a video about Bo Dallas.

Meet Bo Dallas:

Bo Dallas is the former FCW star Bo Rotundo, son of IRS and grandson of Blackjack Mulligan. Bo’s intro video is in the traditional NXT interview style featuring sound bites from Bo and some action clips of him in the ring. He’s definitely got energy. His video goes over his wrestling lineage and cements his standing as a plucky, never say die babyface.

Bo Dallas vs Rick Victor:

Regal mentions that Rick Victor was the last guy to come through the “Dungeon System” in Canada but I really don’t know who he is. This match isn’t about Victor though, it’s a showcase for Bo. Dallas hits some fairly standard offense and finishes things up quickly with a spear. Bo Dallas wins. After the match interviewer Briley Pierce (Doph Ziggler’s real life brother) meets Bo on the ramp and gets some comments. Among the highlights are “remember this smile” and “you will know Bo.”