The Myth ended yesterday when Commissioner Garber finally announced the 2O team would New York F.C.

            Over the past 5 years speculation had been rising ever since the Cosmos came back but people believed that Cosmos were not for real and a second team in New York would never come. Over the past two year commissioner Garber has wanted a new team in New York but he always said in order to have one they needed soccer specific stadium. Earlier this year Mayor Bloomberg said he supported this as long as plans were right and it was cost effective. With that in place an owner was needed. About six week ago the commissioner announced something big was coming. Since then has been reporting that Manchester City were interested in buying a team but the question was where. With rumors of new a stadium being built in San Antonio, Orlando, Minnesota etc. fans speculated that Manchester city would buy a team from one of those places. Speculation finally ended yesterday when Manchester City and the NY Yankees announced they have bought New York F.C. and it will be the 20th team in MLS in 2015.

            What this brought to MLS is money and a rivalry that might blossom into the best rivalry in MLS. Lastly MLS did the right thing financially because the Yankees and Manchester City are some of the richest organization in sports and with that star players, better ratings and the improvement of the sport will come.