Travel in the bright spring day, should wear ray ban outlet sunglasses to protect the eyes.
Sunlight is composed by a variety of light, visible light to the naked eye is called visible light, light the sunlight there are invisible to the naked eye, and this is the ultraviolet and infrared. Prolonged exposure to the contact will damage the cornea of the eye, and other organizations, to produce a series of discomfort. Light feeling eye discomfort, burning or pain; afraid of light, tears, and even make my eyesight is getting worse.
The infrared main conduction of heat, it is also called the hotline. The infrared such a long time directly into the eyes can cause retinal burns, lens opacity, cataract formation. If you do not wear protective glasses look directly at a solar eclipse, sometimes happens to vision loss and even blindness, which is mainly due to the infrared harm. Therefore, in order to make the eyes from the harm of ultraviolet and infrared, the scientists designed for people can bring the best sunglasses sunny tourism.
Many types of ray ban wayfarer sunglasses have different functions. Then travel to choose what color sunglasses good? If no special needs, generally opt for the yellow and green lenses. This color lenses not only block all ultraviolet and infrared, and it will not be confusing to the outside world a variety of color contrast, had no effect on tourists, our eyes on this color easier to accept, prolonged wear will not cause eye fatigue.
The glasses are indispensable items for a lot of people, it allows us a clearer view, let us windows of the soul is brighter. However, many people do not care about the maintenance of the glasses, so that the effect of the consequences, it may damage the eyes. To have the experience and the good advice of professionals which can help us to learn maintenance glasses.
1, a lot of people are like one-handed hook, wearing glasses, this is a very bad habit. The correct approach should be hands Hold both sides of the cheap oakleys mirror legs, remove or put on, so as not to cause the outer sheets or deformation of the mirror legs.
2, glasses dirty, you are not readily pick up a Kleenex curtains wipe the lens? Such barbaric practices will lens wear flowers, especially resin lenses, would greatly impair the life of the lens. The correct approach is to use neutral detergent after cleaning the lens, with a special lens cloth or soft handkerchief, paper towels for drying.
3, when not in use, do not put a high temperature in order to avoid deformation. Especially resin polarizer, because several laminated together under high temperature is easy to crack. The correct approach is to clean the glasses into the glasses case. Temporary when not in use, should mirror up placed on the smooth, cool place.
4 screws loosen, should go to regular optical shops for repairs to prevent the lens off. Do yourself free to tighten to avoid cheap oakley sunglasses lenses fragmentation.