These double sided tapes may be present in several lengths, which range from very small rolls to rolls of up to 3 metres and longer, ideal for both the home user and more commercial applications at work spaces and factories. To prevent, follow the 3 easy steps below: Step 1: Utilize a heat gun or a hair dryer and meticulously move the unit down and up along the tape. The larger the temperature of the hair dryer or heat gun, the greater effective the resultsStep 2: Start using a plastic putty knife or a similar flat object (avoid using stainless-steel kitchen knives or blades because you will scratch the paint) to softly lift one of the Christmas oil painting Double sided tapes, pressure sensitive tape with glues on both sides, can usually be found in only about every household, workplace or working area. The tapes can be used to stick 2 items together and applications vary from Photo to Painting on walls to displays in store fronts and 3D effects for school tasks. from the double sided tapeStep 3: Lightly use your fingertips to roll a corner of the double sided tape away from the wall. Continue rolling carefully and steadily, using more heat if you find that the tape is still sticking to the wall With an amount of patience and caution, you'll leave no adhesives or nasty marks Night sky painting !