I discover that I can buy modern paintings quickly on the web. I found a dealer in the united kingdom that found me some nice items to sell. Recently, he sent me a nude beauty by British artist Alan Davison.I was lucky when I found an original Mel Erns oil painting. The title from the piece I found was Arizona. I think it will do well in my gallery and that i didn't even pay anywhere near what it's really worth. It can make an excellent addition to someones collection. I found today's painting by the Spaniard artist Gifoll that I liked. I'm unsure how this painting of a fish will sell, however i liked it and i believe that there's certain to be somebody who just can't do without abstract oil painting .There are plenty of paintings including roses. I plan to possess a number of these inside my gallery. I could buy a piece by Terry Burns called Roses at night that they painted within the 1950s. She lived to be 91 years of age and that's quite amazing.A popular theme in oil paintings is sunsets. I really don't like sunset paintings and do not like them during my gallery. We have been buying many contemporary paintings for a show in our gallery. We found many great pieces. I found a painting called horses at play in a private collection in Essex. The artist was Max P Outage and he was an Ir ishman. I liked the piece due to the detail. It reminded me of my childhood.During a visit, I found Luckingham Chaise. This is a very nice oil painting which was in a private collection in Russia. I have experienced work by this artist before also it always sells Oil Painting.Buying oil paintings has taken me to places across America. I really liked Chicago. That is where I obtained Cleaning Smiles through the artist Art Eltzer. I have several buyers who implore me to change my thoughts. I happen to be told which i can't possibly possess a show of oil paintings that doesn't incorporate a sunset.My assistant introduced an oil painting that has an interesting story. It was because from the good reputation for the oil painting which i chose to have Van Gogh painting rather than due to the look. The scene was really not my style, however i bought it anyway.I'm always looking for antique street scenes painted by Tom Resik. I saw today's oil painting by him inside a catalog that showed a very beautiful street scene. I aren't able to find the current owner, but I'm trying. I think it would complete my show.