With portable devices like android phones, apple products, kindles, laptops and the like, it is possible for one to be able to grab a lot of information in an instant. In fact, many people would prefer to use their gadgets to read information instead of getting it from books or journals. One of the most popular digital applications that many people use are downloadable audiobooks.

Now many people would prefer to make use of an audiobook which can be downloaded to their gadgets instead of buying real books for many reasons. The most basic reason would be because getting an audiobook is much cheaper than buying a regular book. Audiobooks can be bought in iTunes or other websites for a very cheap price. In fact, some of them can be downloaded for free via torrent websites or file sharing sites.

Of course many people prefer getting an audiobook because it can save time as well as money. One will no longer have to run down to the store and queue up in a long line to actually buy a book. One may just buy an audiobook online and listen to it immediately.

People who frequently multitask would also benefit from using an audiobook that they can carry around all the time. So whenever a person is exercising, doing the dishes, or walking to school, he may study at the same time because all he has to do is listen to his audiobook. He cannot do all of those things while reading a book because reading takes one hundred percent concentration from the reader.

One of the best features of the audiobook is that it is possible for the listener to replay the file as many times as he wants. So for readers who like to read their books all over and over again, then they will enjoy using audiobooks. They do not need to keep on flipping pages to go back to the places that they missed anymore.

Research has proven that it is easier to remember information if it is told to a person as compared to if he reads it. That is why many students these days record themselves talking about the lesson and just listen to it while walking or doing something else. It is actually quite logical because instead of going to the conscious brain, the information will go to the subconscious brain and stay there until needed.

It is actually because of the latter two reasons that inspirational authors encourage their readers to get audiobooks of their materials. No one is going to remember information in just one reading. Since self help or career books need to be read consistently, writers of such books just create audiobooks so that readers can just listen to them and embed the information in their heads.

So basically, those are the advantages of using downloadable audiobooks. As one can see, an audiobook is actually better than a real book. Of course there are still people who love buying regular books to add to their collection.

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