Albert Pujols is no longer a Cardinal....

man that feels weird saying. 

The slugger officially left St.Louis this morning when he agreed to a 10 year deal with the LA Angels. Cardinals fans are stunned obviously but we knew this might be coming. That doesn't make it any less easier to deal with. The Cardinals will move on, we still have Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman, and Adam coming back. But Cardinal Baseball will definitely have a different feel to it with #5 not being on first base. The Cards are still a good team, a team I think can still win the NL Central, a team I think could possibly even make it back to the World Series next year. As for Albert I have one thing to say.


Thank you for 11 great seasons. You had a chance to become the greatest Cardinal ever, a chance to be loved in St.Louis forever. Instead, you'll be remember  for being the superstar that simlply chased more money. Thank you for your time in STL, thanks for the memories.