Date: June 22, 2012

Location: 1st Mariner Center, Baltimore, Maryland

Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T


We're past No Way Out and we have the same world champion in the form of Sheamus. We're starting the build up to MITB as well so maybe we'll have someone added to the ladder match here. If I understand it right we have eight people in it again, but I'm really not sure if they have enough people to put 16 guys in two ladder matches. Besides that's too many in a single match anyway. Let's get to it.


Do You Know Your Enemy? Mine is this heat. It's way too hot to be early summer.


Bryan vs. Kane later tonight plus Sheamus vs. Ziggler in a non-title match.


Here's Teddy to open the show. Ace is officially fired and tonight, Mick Foley is in charge. Here's Big Show instead though for a chat. He doesn't care that Ace is fired because he didn't care about him. Show doesn't care about the fans either and now he can do whatever he wants. He congratulates Cena for the win on Sunday but doesn't care about that anymore. Yep, another main event loss is being written off.


Instead Show is moving on to something, but the fans have to chant for Cena first. Since Show doesn't care about them though, he's moving on to the MITB match. He says there are no five men that can stop them, which is a great sounding thing as it might mean that there are only going to be six people in the match. Once he wins the case and cashes in, he's going to be champion for as long as he wants to be. He's going to win the title for himself instead of the people in the back or the fans, because it's all about him.


Cue serious Brodus who is a little hard to take seriously when he has the girls with him. Brodus charges in and is immediately taken down by knee strikes. Brodus hits the headbutt and Show goes down fast. He pounds on Show in the corner but Otunga comes out and hits the bad knee to put Clay down. Show hits him in the knee a few times as the fans chant that Show can't wrestle. The WMD leaves Brodus laying. Otunga gets in the ring and says someone should call Brodus' mama. He'll do it himself and tell Mama Clay that Brodus can't get up. Otunga does the Carlton Dance and the Thriller Dance. Ok then.


Ryback vs. Frank Venanzia/Jared Walker


Booker says Walker is Brickhouse Brown's cousin. There's a name out of the past. Ryback calls them stupid a lot and powerbombs Walker onto Frank. Double Samoan Drop gets the pin at 1:43.


Foley is in the back with Yoshi Tatsu when Vickie comes up. She's the guest GM of both shows next week. If Foley doesn't behave, she'll make him her assistant. Foley likes the idea and offers Khali as an assistant instead. Khali and Foley dance.