Jeff Skinner, the Carolina Hurricanes ‘super’ rookie, hit a pretty nice mark last night in lodging his 30th goal of the season. Now rookies do score 30 goals, it happens, it’s great but it does happen enough that it’s not a huge shock. In 80 games this year, the rookie has 59 points. What’s special about what Skinner did, aside from the fact that he’s doing it essentially alone in Carolina on their second line, is Skinner’s age. He became the 7th youngest player in history to reach 30 goals. That IS impressive. Skinner accomplished the feat in 18 years and 325 days. To put into perspective what he’s accomplished, check out the only guys to score 30 faster than he did.

Brian Bellows 18 years, 196 days

Sidney Crosby 18 years, 217 days