Earth clad in silvery white wings to the mind, to the feet on a snowboard in the snow gliding realize that flying pleasure
Equipment recommendations
It's Very important to choose clothes, cheap north face ski clothes to keep warm, but not too bulky. Coat should be loose, in order to facilitate the sliding action when taxiing; cuffs, should necking and adjustable elastic function, which can effectively prevent the intake of snow; neckline should be upright collar opening, to prevent the entry of cold air the color of the clothes should be bright or contrast with the snow surface. Ski enthusiasts will normally be equipped with a professional ski suits, but the hobby or occasional play, we should consider wearing Emergency underwear, waterproof breathable usual outdoor sports wear.

Underwear to wear warm and quick-drying underwear cotton underwear to wear sweat absorption once sweating hard. For thermal underwear plus two-piece jacket cold could be considered together with a fleece jacket.
The ski wear warm and quick drying outdoor sports socks, attention should also bring along a pair of ski end can change. A kettle can be insulation, cheap north face jackets would be more comfortable skiing.
Winter ski equipment package Note
Go skiing you want to choose the good weather, pay attention to the weather forecast, it is best to avoid windy days.
Attention to the sun: skin burns, due to a strong cold skin irritation and snow surface UV sunscreen to be painted, to bring snow mirror.
3 skiing Note with a number of high-calorie foods (chocolate), at any time to replenish their energy.
4, junior ski precautions: junior ski first learn how to fall, taxiing out of control falls, to quickly lower the center of gravity, sit back, do not arbitrarily struggling, you can lift the limbs, to avoid head down, more should absolutely avoid tumbling. Must slide together cheap north face when mutual distance; lowering the center of gravity, snowboard into horoscopes like if you want to slow down, speed will be cut down.