The best babies food is that made at home by the loving parent and not some stale foods you pick from a store on your way home. The reason the local option is preferred is because store-bought foods contain additives and are also more costly than preparing your own foods for the baby. However, to prepare safe foods for infants, you will need to follow these simple instructions.

For parents who need to save some money and at the same time give their kids the healthiest and freshest foods, the best thing would be to make your own food for the baby. It is common for adults to make their own food, usually from scratch. But when it comes to the foods for the baby, most people choose the easier option, which is to buy. The same reasons adults do not trust store-bought food is the same ones they should not use it for the kids.

Although most of the foods bought from the stores for children contain fruits and vegetables, as well as fillers like water, tapioca and starch that are chemically modified, it is still not the best for your kid. The reason for this is that they have been industrially processed, which means they are no longer fresh. Since they are less fresh, it is possible they have lost some of their nutrients.

The new trend today is the plastic packaging of the foods. This does not look good at all. Previously, they used to be packed in beautiful glass jars, which could be reused at home for other things. Preparing foods at home for your baby significantly cuts down on wastes since you will be using containers and silverware that are reusable.

The foods should be ready for processing after being cooked. Processing makes it possible for the foods to be ingested by the child. Ensure that it is thoroughly cooked for easier processing.

After being placed in the processor and puree, the different types of foods ought to separately be processed and placed in a puree. Addition of some water to the meat is recommended since it helps the meat to puree. To make the food creamier, consider adding some rice cereals. The pureed foods are then placed on a fine mesh sieve, and then pushed through by a means of a spatula. Discard any bits that are not able to pas through the sieve.

When you are satisfied that it is right for the baby, it needs to be spooned into a tray of ice cube and then covered with a wrap made of plastic and then frozen. Afterwards, the frozen cubes of foods are removed and, according to type, put in plastic bags that are zippered. When feeding time comes, just thaw them on a microwave.

There has been an ongoing debate of whether to buy or prepare own babies food. While each option has its ups and downs, the ups of homemade foods for a baby far outweigh their downs. If you love your kid and want him or her to eat fresh and nutritious foods, then prepare food for them.

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