It's been nearly two years of inane witticisms and massively mammaried models all wrapped in sarcastic sports goodness on these pages and it appears as if we've reached a crossroads. After a surge in readership that brought us to the FanvsFan network then continued strong support early in this NFL season things have seemed to wane.

Now perhaps as road manager Sir Etan Hogg said in This Is Spinal Tap our audience hasn't diminished so much as become "more selective", but it's hard to say. Either way we're going on the dreaded hiatus while we decide whether to carry on or cut bait.

In the meantime if you've gotten a laugh here, enjoyed our slightly askew views or made money by fading our picks and would like us to continue please leave a comment below. Thanks and for what it's worth maybe this will sway you one way or the other...

I said "Hiatus"...not High Anus...(wow, re-considering that line maybe it is time to pack it in...)