Trust in Shero.  He is making moves ahead of the trade deadline, and moves that should help the weakest areas of an already HOT Pittsburgh Penguins lineup. 

The Penguins added a bone crushing defenseman in Doug Murray, and they gave up nothing to get him. They also added an experienced left winger in Brenden Morrow, and although they gave up a top prospect, they didn't touch their current roster.

Morrow brings leadership, experience, talent, and hopefully the last piece to the second line consisting of Evgeni Malkin and James Neal.  To get him Pens GM Ray Shero sent Joe Morrow to Dallas.  Joe Morrow is a promising young play player who has potential for years to come, but the time for Pittsburgh is now.  This move should have a great upside for both teams and while many teams may not have taken Brenden Morrow due to his age and decline in numbers, thats not what Pittsburgh thought. The Penguins are excited to have him.

Murray is a hard nosed stay at home defenseman who like to through his weight around, and for a guys his size, the opposition doesn't like to see him in the lineup.  The 6'3 245 pound defenseman is going to add a piece to the puzzle that has been missing for awhile. He is the perfect compliment to the current defensive roster and should help carry the Pens deep into the playoffs, and hopefully help them carry home the Stanley Cup.

UPDATE:  Shortly after this post was published Ray Shero made yet another deal, to acquire Jarome Iginla from the Calgary Flames. If there was anyone who doubted the Penguins before this, they are gone now. The Penguins just added a great player and person, and the Penguins bandwagon just added a lot more people.  Welcome to the best city in hockey Jarome, we are happy to have you.