The most prevalent pest problems in the country is infestations of Cimex lectularius L which are tiny insects that nest inside warm and dark spaces such as beds, couches, wooden appliances and other such places. A process of identification has been discovered that helps the owner of an establishment to rid themselves of these little beasts. Hiring a specialist bed bug dog in New England has become the answer.

These little beasts are pests that can nest just about anywhere in a room such as luggage, wardrobes, mattresses and headboards. They have even been known to nest in alarm clocks. As long as they are close to humans and other live creatures, they are happy to set up shop.

It is believed that these pests originated from travelers that come from other places. They will come and stay in a hotel and a pest that made it comfortably in the person's luggage will come and start building a colony and a nest. The Cimex lectularius feeds off the blood of a human being without the human even knowing that they are there.

Basically, they will land on the skin of the human and anesthetize the area which they intend to bite. This anesthetic is excreted by means of their saliva which also has a natural anticoagulant so that the blood won't clot while they are feeding. Once this has been done, they will pierce the skin and drink the blood.

The canines that are most effective in finding these pests are beagles because they have an increased ability to smell out these creatures. Their noses are extremely sensitive and they are actually classified as scent hounds. If one would like to hire the services of such a canine, it would be best to have a professional that is certified by the National Entomology Scent-Detection Canine Association.

If the hound has been especially trained to identify and differentiate the scent from other pests they have a 97% success rate. The hound will conduct a search throughout the house and once an infestation has been found, it will communicate that to the handler. The pest control unit is then able to spray pesticides at a specific target which is much safer and more effective than just spraying a room generally.

The other option is to hire one of these specially trained beagles that have been classified as scent driven hounds because their noses are so much more sensitive than those of other canines. The pest will excrete a certain scent which is then picked up by the sensitive nose of the beagle. The beagle is able to pinpoint a single egg or pest by the scent that it excretes.

As this has become a thriving industry, there are many establishments that will offer the services of a bed bug dog in New England. The services of these canines are increasingly being commissioned, specifically by hotel owners, landlords and property management companies. Slowly the problem will be solved by these animals from room to room and establishment to establishment.

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