The gulf of Thailand hosts the Koh Phangan Island famous for its full moon party often held at the Haad Rin Beach. Anyone visiting the country always looks forward to visiting the beautiful scenery within the island. To the south of the Island is the larger Ko Samui Island. It borders Ko Tao Island to the north. It has an estimated perimeter of 50km. This is a favorite destination for backpackers due to its low cost of living. It attracts many local and international tourists who visit for various reasons. Local and international investors have therefore invested heavily in accommodating and entertaining tourists in this small Island. Different koh phangan resorts offer various forms of fun for their guests.

Santhiya Resort & Spa is a beach resort offering traditional Thai style luxury. It lies on an 18-acre piece of land with tropical vegetation growing around it. This provides an ample and serene environment for guests from all over the world to have memorable moments. Their services include a spa, dining, accommodation, wedding packages, a beach, and poolside waterfalls just to mention a few.

Tourists visiting this island could also spend their holiday at the Anantara Rasananda Villa resort. This has a spa also that is quite good to visitors wishing to relax after a long day of walk and play. The coconut trees and the tropical vegetation around this resort make it a wonderful environment to visit. Its close proximity to the sea also provides a great view to the sea. The cool breeze from the sea provides a great experience to tourists who wish to escape the scorching sun back at their countries.

Beach kayaking is also a great taste of the Thai tradition. This activity is available at the Baan Manali resort. Coconut trees are a common feature around many islands. It has developed a great environment using the coconut woods and the vegetation around to make it a conducive and serene habitat for people wishing to escape the city noise.

Tourists wishing to have lots of privacy are not left out. The Phangan Beach Resort located next to Baan Tai Beach provides utmost privacy to visitors. The amazing sun downer experience while enjoying the evening cool breeze makes it great visit. This hotel also provides the once in a month full moon party that blends well with the residents.

One key beach at the island is the Nai Pan Yai. This is home to the Dreamland resort. It provides well over fifty Bungalows where the visitors can have areal taste of cozy lifestyle at Thailand. These bungalows are large enough to accommodate a group of five to ten people under the same roof. They also charge very considerate fees, making them a great attraction.

At the western end of the Ao Chalokum, tourists are guaranteed of comfort and privacy at the Chaloklum Bay Resort. There are state of the art facilities including a gym, swimming pool and air con systems. This resort includes a blend of traditional Thai architecture and landscape with all rooms facing the beach to bring a cool ocean breeze.

Another major resort located at these islands is the fairyland club resort. Located at the edge of the Haad Rin Nok beach, it provides one of the best experiences. The developments of these Koh phangan resorts have been quite considerable. This is due to the ever-rising demands of visitors.

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