When you experience success at something for the first time it can tend to snowball. For the Pittsburgh Panthers, they need to build a giant snowman.

After defeating Providence to pick up their first Big East victory of the season, the Panthers picked up their marquee victory of the year against No. 10 Georgetown on Saturday.

Nasir Robinson scored a game-high 23 points on 9-9 shooting; Lamar Patterson added 18 points on 6-8 shooting.

Robinson has one of these games every once in a blue moon. He has talent, he’s crafty and can finish around the rim, but he tends to be inconsistent and out of control.

Not on Saturday.

Patterson has played great in the past few weeks. His confidence is soaring right now and you can definitely tell in his game. He continues to be silky-smooth on the floor, showcasing the ability to spot up and drive to score and kick.

At 13-9, making the NCAA Tournament seems far off, but the Panthers have to at least put themselves in the best position as possible. Continue to win and add quality victories will suit them well going forward to the Big East Tournament.

Pitt gets another opportunity on Monday night at West Virginia.