Blake Griffin (LAC, PF, C) I love the Sport Center highlight dunks and even that silly Kia car commercial with the Griffin goggles. But I apologize Lob City fans, this is fantasy basketball. And with the addition of CP3, Mr Big Shot Billups, and Caron Butler, Griffin wont have the offense go through him as we anticipated with K-Love in Minnesota. In the last 2 weeks, Griffin is averaging 18pts and 13 boards and 3 assists. The boards and assists are respectable. But, he also taking more mid range jump shots that has dropped his FG% from 51% to 47% and his FT% is an abysmal 40%. But hey, at least attempting to block a shot every now and then. Oh wait, that's Deandre Jordan's job. Griffin sells jerseys and tickets. Sell on the name and hype.