Spring day, invite a few friends or bring the family to enjoy the sunshine in nature, feel the natural spring, is really an exciting thing. How the sun How to protect your own eyes? GAO Ping, the glasses store sales manager in Yibin sunglasses choose the cheap oakley sunglasses style, color, material, and other parties to face professional reply.
Myth: You really picked the right sunglasses it?
Sunglasses is not suitable for everyone, especially younger children, eye function have yet to develop, wearing sunglasses time will be longer affect the development of the vision, severe cases may even cause amblyopia.
In addition, the style of sunglasses should not be excessive pursuit of big style, side width, thick frame personalized models, these personalized models will be heavier than ordinary models, too heavy glasses frame be caused by facial muscle pressure hinders blood circulation and make the wearer appear a variety of symptoms, wear time is too long will affect vision.
Important indicators UVA (400) UV protection factor, sunglasses are the most important core standards. "High apple selection of sunglasses to vary, health and safety is the most important prerequisite of all selection criteria. He is best advised to regular optical shop to buy professional cheap oakleys products. Brand sales authorization, quality can be assured.
Trend: popular three color this spring sunglasses
Beauty of people, young family is most concerned about is the style sunglasses. This year, the popular sunglasses male models in addition to the classic yurt, parallel bars "and most people like style; the butterfly box most beautiful women who favor female models. Although there is little or no innovative style, but the color is great breakthroughs, 3 large color gradient gray, coffee, burgundy major epidemic this year. According to scientific studies, three color can effectively filter ultraviolet light, play better protection to the eyes.
Recommendation: The health of the new materials without distortion
Ping said, discount oakley sunglasses lenses using pc tablets, tac, the pc chip color rather monotonous blocks of color, can effectively cut absolutely messy light, this is mainly used for men's polarizer; tac-chip color is more gorgeous, high transmittance does not toning and cause dizziness, is mainly used to make gradual color women mirror.