To pick a fine texture and the cheap oakleys sunglasses, there are two ways to pay special attention to the - frames and lenses. One suited to their face, comfortable and can play the sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful rays outside stimuli is the best choice for consumers. Because, eye protection, and easy to dress with sunglasses two function. Both can be seductive and eye-catching!

1, is closely related to the shape of the lens and face. Face rather long and people choose flat and wide rectangular frame, you can visually perfect your facial aspect ratio.

2, more angular face more suitable discount oakley sunglasses with square
. Better highlight your sense of contour. But this is a restricted area of a square face sunglasses.

If you think his face is a cute little round face, classic mirror will be very suitable for you. Will you add a little playful alternative taste oh.

The 4 oval face, glasses of many shapes you can choose. However, the shape of small lenses, partial long will better highlight your natural strengths.

5, was all the rage in black last year, this year has not yet obsolete. The big face girls can try. The color is not necessarily confined to black.

6 gradient from the T station to fly into the homes of ordinary people. The eyes can also be integrated into the popular elements. But cheap oakley sunglasses more suitable for the light is not too strong to use.