If you find that you and your family are often having to go to the doctor for sore throats, stuffy noses and irritating coughs, one should be alerted that there may be an underlying problem. Treating the symptoms is a short term solution. Often, these problems persist and although there could be many reasons for this, it may well be that you find yourself living in a very dusty area and require air duct cleaning South San Francisco professionals to come out and do some maintenance for you.

Most of the time, you will find that the doctor will treat the symptoms with an antihistamine for allergies. Although this is a successful treatment for the problem it is advised that you establish what the allergy is caused by. In order for this to be established done will have to have medical tests performed. Usually the results will indicate that the patient is allergic to house dust and pollen as well air as air borne mold in the air.

In a lot of cases the culprit is the carpeting in the house as they act as filters in the home trapping these pollutions. Dust and pollen as well as mold and mite are embedded in the carpet and every time it gets walked on the dust and pollen is disturbed and rises into the air. This air is then breathed in and can cause the allergies.

Due to the fact that carpets act as filters in the home the one thing to do is to keep them in clean. They trap dust and pollen but are also inclined to gather pet dandy and mite. All of which can aggravate the problems of hay fever and allergies. In order to decrease this, one has to vacuum regularly every day and have the carpet cleaned professionally every 6 months.

Should the medical problems persist one will have to look at other solutions to decrease pollution in the home. A very good idea is to have an air duct system installed. These are simply fantastic units which are installed in the home and help to clean the air and then distribute this good quality air into the home.

One should put in the effort of going on line to do some research regarding the pros and cons of such equipment. Doing this one will be making an informed decision when the time to getting one of these units installed. There are many such systems to choose from and one should make sure that you get the best one for the job at hand.

Should you still be unsure of what unit is going to be best suit for your problem, one is advised to seek out professional guidance from the manufacturers of these appliances. They have the expertise when it comes to the installation of them. Such experts will also be able to help you in choosing the right place to position the machine in your home for optimal usage.

In order to keep the machine functioning as its prime capacity, one will have to call out air duct cleaning South San Francisco experts regularly. That id done about every 12 months. To do this, one will have to get in the service company to clean it out properly.