STILL PLAYING HARD --- Romar is barking on the sidelines more than ever. He's intent UW doesn't take it easy and get sloppy in the second half. UW 76-32.

GETTING CHIPPY --- There's something going on between Peter Harris and Overton. It seems as if the reserves are determined to play tough regardless of the score. A referee called Romar and Dollar to the side for a summit, but Dollar walked away angrily and would have none of it. Seconds later, Harris was called for a foul after knocking Overton to the floor. SU has eight fouls with 16:30 left. UW 73-32.

JUST WONDERING? --- How soon will we see the Dancing Dawgs video and walk-on Brendan Sherrer. UW 70-28.

GWETH FOULS OUT --- We've started the second half and the Redhawks suffered a big blow when Gweth fouled out with 17:57 remaining....

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