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HALFTIME --- UW 61-20.

DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS --- The Redhawks have that look. They appear stunned and unable to cope with what's happening. A lot of players are wearing blank expressions. Dollar has his hands in his pocket, but he's barking instructions. UW 59-16.

HORRIBLE PLAY --- Pondexter had a breakaway dunk before Garcia used both hands and pushed him the back while he was in the air. Pondexter landed awkwardly. Garcia drew an intentional foul. He walked over to Pondexter, exchanged an embrace and checked to see if the UW player was okay after the play. UW 55-16.

SUGGS, TURNER ARE COMFORTABLE --- UW's marksmen are benefiting from being at home. They've locked in and they're firing from three-point range. UW 49-10.

DOUBLE DIGITS --- With 4:58 left, SU...

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