There have been rumors swirling ever since the NFL Lockout began about where several quarterbacks may land. Matt Hasselbeck, Kevin Kolb, Carson Palmer, and Vince Young are all on the market.

The Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings are interested in Hasselbeck. I could see Hasselbeck landing with the Titans to tutor former Washington Huskie Jake Locker. So that would mean Vince Young's days as a Titan would be over.

Vince Young has been rumored to be drawing interest from the Eagles who would like him to backup Michael Vick. Young and Vick has very similar styles of play. I personally don't see Young as a starter for now. he just has blown every chance he has had.

So where does Kevin Kolb go if the Eagles get Vince Young? The Seahawks are willing to give up draft picks to get Kolb and they appear the likely winner in the Kolb sweepstakes. I think Kolb has a bright future in the NFL as a starter and would replace Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle. Arizona has a shot but I don't see them offering what Seattle is.

So that leaves what I think is the biggest mystery of the quarterbacks, Carson Palmer. What we do know is he won't be a Bengal. Several Bengal players have made it clear Palmer is not wanted in Cincinnati. Carson Palmer also sold his home there and wants out. Arizona could make a run at him but I see Palmer wearing Purple next season. The Vikings are a team who has the talent to be a contender in the NFC. They just need a QB. Tavaris Jackson or Joe Webb are not the answer. Palmer is only 30 so he would give them a few more years to make a run at a championship now that Brett Favre is gone.

Once the lockout ends we should start getting some answers to these questions. So stay tuned and let's hope we get back to NFL action soon.