Joe Paterno had to be fired.  The way it was done is questionable, but nontheless the correct decision was made.  However too many people are focusing on JoePa as the ultimate villian.  I am not defending Coach Paterno at all but he should not be the focus of attention.  Yes Joe should have done more knowing what we believe he knows.  It was probably a tough position for him being Sanduskys friend and colleague.  Either way Coach Paterno should have done everything in his power to stop what was happening if indeed he knew the horrible details of this incredibly disgusting act.  It is a shame that a legendary coach will go down in flames as a result of somebody else's actions.  But Joe being who he is, which is the most important figure on that campus and well respected around the football community, should have known better and done the appropriate thing which was not allow these crimes to take place under his watch.  I feel bad for you Joe but you brought it on yourself.  And quick note to Sandusky...Rot in Hell!