U of I doctor strives to keep focus on Haiti [DM Register] -Dr. Chris Buresh stood in his University of Iowa office Friday, usinghis computer to calmly click through photo after photo of injuredpatients he and his partners treated in Haiti after last month'searthquake.

Lickliter responds to satirical video about his son [IC Press Citizen]- "I appreciate Gary. I don't think it's just my son. I think Gary wasjust saying student athletes probably ... shouldn't be scrutinizedquite the same way as coaches and adults," Lickliter said. "I don'treally have time to critique those sort of things. I'm busy but I'veheard about it obviously. And I think, in the long run, none of us wishthis sort of thing for any of our players or children."

NFL Draft Prospect: Tony Moeaki- Sometimes the stars align...

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