In total, Monster Jam hosted shows in 10 different cities on Saturday, thrilling fans from coast to coast. The weekend saw many highlights from Cam McQueen’s epic save in Anaheim to Jim Koehler’s thrilling height in Indianapolis to Adam Anderson’s attempt at a backflip twist in New Orleans.


New Orleans, LA

Chad Tingler (Grave Digger) picked up his second straight racing win after he defeated Adam Anderson (Grave Digger: The Legend) in the racing final. Anderson then came back and scored his sixth straight freestyle victory with a score of 31 points. Anderson attempted a “backflip twist”, though it didn’t turn out as planned.


Anaheim, California

John Seasock (Batman) was searching for his fourth racing victory in a row and was off to a good start as he made it to the semi-finals. However, that’s as far as the veteran made it as he would be defeated by Damon Bradshaw (Monster Energy). Bradshaw moved on to the finals to face up against George Belhan (Mohawk Warrior). For Saturday night in California, it was all about Belhan as he took the victory for the racing win after posting the quickest time in qualifying at 22.25 seconds.

Jon Zimmer (Grave Digger) would win the freestyle competition with a score of 30 points after having a thrilling save and making it into bonus time. Cam McQueen (Northern Nightmare) was second with 27 points, though arguably made what some are already calling the Save of the Year. 


Indianapolis, Indiana

Lindsay Weenk (Lucas Oil Crusader) picked up the racing victory after defeating Marc McDonald (Grave Digger) in the finals. McDonald, who normally drives El Toro Loco, was driving Grave Digger tonight due to Charlie Pauken not feeling well. Meanwhile, Jim Koehler (Avenger) took home the freestyle victory after soaring high above the fans in Lucas Oil Stadium.


Knoxville, TN

Andy Hoffman (War Wagon) started off the night on an awesome note, scoring the wheelie victory with 26 points. Hoffman then kept the momentum going, making it all the way to the racing finals. However, he wasn’t able to take home the victory as it was Gary Porter (Grave Digger) grabbing the win. Porter then kept the momentum going, scoring his sixth straight donut victory with a perfect 30 points. Allen Pezo (Predator) then capped the night off with the freestyle victory.


Washington, DC

The fans in the state capital got treated to two shows on Saturday with one in the afternoon and one at night.

On Saturday afternoon, Greg Winchenbach kicked the show off with his second straight wheelie victory. Winchenbach didn’t fare that well in racing, though, as he got knocked out in round one by Jay Snyder (Illuminator). Snyder, who won on Friday night, made it to the finals, but wasn’t able to pick up his fourth straight racing win. Instead, it was Trent Montgomery (Iron Outlaw) taking the victory. Montgomery kept the momentum going, winning freestyle later that night with 22 points in a tie-breaker over Snyder.

On Saturday night, Greg Winchenbach once again kicked off the show with the wheelie win, giving him his third straight. Winchenbach did better tonight in racing as he made it to the finals, but wasn’t able to take home the victory as he was defeated by Randy Brown (Grave Digger). Brown kept the momentum going as he took home the freestyle victory with 25 points.


Greenville, SC

The fans in Greenville were treated to a pair of shows on Saturday with an afternoon special at 2pm and a Saturday night spectacular at 7pm.

Pablo Huffaker kicked off the afternoon show with a stellar wheelie for 28 points and the win. He then kept the momentum going, defeating Aaron Basl (Wolverine) for his second straight racing win and scoring 24 points for his second straight freestyle victory.

It seemed nobody could stop Huffaker as he once again won wheelies in the nighttime show, defeated Basl once again for another racing win and scored 26 points for the freestyle win.


Orlando, Florida

Ryan Anderson (Son-UVA-Digger) completed the double down as he won both racing and freestyle. He started off the night by defeating his dad Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger) in the racing final, before scoring 30 points for the freestyle victory.

It marks Ryan’s second straight freestyle win after scoring the victory last weekend in Toronto, Ontario. Photos form Ryan’s Toronto run, as well as the rest of the first stop on the Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour, can be seen at 


Little Rock, AR

After suffering mechanical problems the night before, Dave Rappach (Rap Attack) came out tonight and won the Wheelie competition with a score of 27 points. R.B. Moler (Mountaineer) then defeated Friday night’s Wheelie winner Mike Miller (Hotsy) for the racing victory. When it came to the donut competition, it was Jeff Murphy (Fatal Attraction) picking up his second straight donut win with 27 points. Murphy then kept the momentum going as he scored 25 points on his way to his second straight freestyle victory.


Phoenix, Arizona

Jim Creten (Bounty Hunter) picked up the racing victory after defeating Carl Van Horn (Grave Digger) in the racing finals. Meanwhile, Norm Miller picked up his first victory of the year, driving the new “New Earth Authority (NEA)” truck after scoring 25 points in freestyle to Creten and Horn’s 24.


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