This past weekend saw Monster Jam once again have a lot of thrilling action for fans, coast to coast.


Uniondale, NY

The fans at the Nassau Coliseum would be treated to a pair of spectacular shows on Saturday.

Greg Winchenbach (Crustation) kicked off the Saturday afternoon show with his fifth straight wheelie victory. Gary Porter (Grave Digger) would defeat Whit Tarlton (Monster Mutt) in the racing final for his third straight racing win. Porter then went into the donut competition looking for his eighth win in a row – however would run into mechanical problems. Instead, Tarlton would take the win with 22 points. Winchenbach then scored 25 points for the freestyle victory to Porter’s 24 points. Porter was looking for his second straight freestyle victory after winning Friday night.

Winchenbach then kept his winning streak going, scoring his sixth straight wheelie victory before making it to the racing finals. He wouldn’t be able to take home the win as he was defeated by Steven Thompson (Hurricane Force). Porter then took home the donut victory with 24 points, while Winchenbach picked up his second straight freestyle victory.


Tampa, FL

The night kicked off with Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger) laying down the quickest time in qualifying with 20.58 seconds. Anderson then made his way through the brackets to the finals, defeating his son Adam (Grave Digger The Legend) for his fourth straight racing victory. When it came to freestyle, Adam was unable to compete due to blowing the motor in the racing final; he came into the night looking for his sixth straight freestyle victory.  Everybody else was able to compete and in the end, Neil Elliott (Max-D) picked up the victory with 28 points after landing a perfect backflip.


Fargo, ND

The fans at the Fargodome were treated to a pair of stellar shows that saw Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger) dominate.

After sweeping Friday’s show, Pauken started the Saturday afternoon show on top with his third straight wheelie win, defeating Dustin Brown (Iron Man) for his second straight racing win and scoring his sixth straight freestyle win.

Then at the 7pm show, Pauken scored 29 points for his fourth straight wheelie win, defeated Brown once again for his third straight racing win, before scoring 15 points in freestyle. The 15 points wouldn’t be enough as Brown would score 25 points to take home the victory.


Vancouver, BC

The home of the 2010 Winter Olympics would play host to the second stop of the 2014 Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour. Repeating his success from the first stop of the Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour in Toronto, Ontario, Chad Tingler (Grave Digger) would take home the racing victory after defeating Kelvin Rahmer (Time Fly’s) for the win. It marks Tinger’s third straight racing victory. In freestyle, it was Damon Bradshaw (Monster Energy) taking home the victory with 28 points.


St Louis, MO

Ryan Anderson (Son UVA Digger) kicked off the event with his second straight racing win after defeating Lee O’Donnell (Iron Man) in the racing finals. Anderson then doubled-down as he took his third straight freestyle victory with 31 points after an impressive save that could quite possibly be the save of the year. Anderson kicked off his win streak with the freestyle victory back in mid-January in Toronto, Ontario.


Peoria, IL

Riding on the momentum of his Friday night freestyle victory, BJ Johnson (Mohawk Warrior) would score 24 points on the way to winning the wheelie competition at the afternoon show. He would make it to the finals in racing, though was defeated by Morgan Kane (Max-D) as Kane scored his second straight racing victory. Johnson then finished off the event with winning his second straight freestyle event with 24 points.

At the 7pm show, Johnson kept his momentum going, scoring 26 points on the way to his second straight wheelie win. He’d once again make it to the racing finals, where he was once again defeated by Kane as Kane scored his third straight racing victory. Kane then finished off the event, scoring the freestyle victory with 25 points to Johnson’s 24 points.


Dayton, OH

The fans at Wright State University Nutter Center would see a pair of shows on Saturday.

In the Saturday afternoon show, Andy Hoffman (War Wagon) scored his third straight wheelie win with a score of 27 points. Hoffman made it to the racing final, though would be defeated by Ed Edckert (Fullboar) for the victory. Randy Brown (Grave Digger) was looking for his fifth straight donut victory, though broke and resulted in getting no points. Instead, it was RB Moler (Mountaineer) and Hoffman tying with 23 points, with Moler scoring the victory. The last event of the afternoon – Freestyle – went to Joey Parnell (Man of Steel) who scored 25 points.

When it came to the Saturday night show, Hoffman saw his winning streak come to the end when Edckert scored the victory with 26 points. Edckert then went on to win to win his second straight racing victory after defeating Parnell in the finals. Edckert kept his winning ways going, scoring the donut victory with 26 points, though broke in freestyle so wasn’t able to sweep the show. The freestyle portion of the show would go to Randy Brown with 23 points.


Rockford, IL

Like other arenas this past weekend, the BMO Harris Bank Center hosted a pair of shows on Saturday

Going into the Saturday afternoon show, Marc McDonald (El Toro Loco) was looking for his fifth straight wheelie win. He stood his bull up tall, scoring a solid 23 points. However, it wouldn’t be enough as Mike Miller (Hotsy) took home the win with 25 points. In racing, it came down to Candice Jolly (Monster Mutt Dalmatian) and Mark Hall (Raminator) with Jolly taking her puppy to victory lane. McDonald would pick up his second straight donut win with 29 points, followed by the freestyle victory with 27 points.

At the 7pm show, McDonald kept his winning ways going as he scored the wheelie win with 24 points, defeated Miller for the racing win, scored 25 points for his third straight donut win and won freestyle with 26 points.


Houston, TX

After spending part of the week in the hospital due to kidney stones, Jim Creten (Bounty Hunter) jumped behind the wheel of his truck and took home his second straight racing win after defeating George Belhan (Mohawk Warrior).  Though when it came to freestyle, it was Jon Zimmer (Grave Digger) with his second straight win after scoring 30 points.


Charleston, WV

Saturday would see the fans get treated to a pair of shows.

In the afternoon show, Pablo Huffaker (Grave Digger) would take home the wheelie win with 26 points, though would fall short in racing when he spun during the semi-finals. The racing final came down to Paul Breaud (Instigator) and Lenny Kuilder (Prowler) with Kuilder taking the win after Breaud had electrical problems. When it came to freestyle competition, Aaron Basl (Wolverine) Trent Montgomery (Iron Outlaw) both scored 25 points with Montgomery getting the win in the tiebreaker. As a result, Huffaker saw his streak of freestyle victories come to an end as he only scored 19 points due to an electrical issue; he was looking for his fifth straight freestyle victory.

In the 7pm show, Montgomery kept the winning going as he picked up his second wheelie win of the weekend after winning on Friday night. When it came to the racing portion of the event, Huffaker crossed the line ahead of Basl in the finals, however Basl was declared the winner due to Huffaker receiving a five second penalty for not landing in the racing lane on his final stack hit. It marked Bazl’s second racing win of the weekend after winning on Friday night. The event then finished off with Huffaker scoring the freestyle victory with 27 points.