Santa Clarita, CA, 28-JAN-2013 - Dr. Joanne Buettner, DC offers the care and support that helps individuals enjoy activities without pain. From her Santa Clarita chiropractic office the doctor creates individualized programs that address the root cause of the pain and offers the long-term solutions that will give an individual the ability to achieve and maintain greater health and wellness.

When interviewed recently Dr. Buettner discussed her commitment to providing patients with the greatest level of care. "Neck pain can be debilitating and limit the ability of an individual to enjoy their life. In many cases this type of pain is the result of several contributing factors that must all be addressed before long-term alleviation of the pain can be achieved. I work very closely with my patients to identify and address these issues and offer the solutions that will give them long-term relief. It is very important to me that patients are given the tools and support they need to actively participate in achieving and maintaining their wellness goals."

During the initial consultation Dr. Buettner asks the individual about the history of their neck pain, their normal activities including the type of job they do and their diet and exercise regimen. The doctor reviews the past medical history of the patient and performs a complete examination that includes x-rays to identify any misalignment, compressed or herniated discs and damage or injury that may be pinching nerves and causing pain.

Doctor Buettner asks about the contributing factors that trigger the pain including stress, tension or long periods of inactivity. The doctor will also discuss other factors that may be contributing to the pain and determine the impact of the damage to the extremities of the individual.

After evaluating the information the doctor creates an individualized plan that addresses the root cause of the pain through gentle, low-force spinal adjustment that realigns the spine, relieve pressure from pinched nerves and restores proper circulation through the spine. The doctor may also use other therapies such as hot/cold therapy and massage to reduce swelling, increase oxygen and stimulate healing to the tissues and cells surrounding the damaged areas.

Exercises designed specifically to improve flexibility, circulation, stamina and energy is also provided. In addition, exercises that reduce stress and strengthen the muscle groups supporting the damaged area are also provided. The doctor may recommend changes to the diet that increase the intake of important vitamins and nutrients that enhance and improve the body's ability to heal are given to individuals as well as training in stress management that helps the individual proactively address stress before it triggers pain.

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