Uh oh, I can hear Wanny now...

Before we begin, yes I know Wade Davis had an absolutely horrible year for the Royals and even the Rays moved him from starter in his final season in Tampa.  However, could a guy like Davis be exactly what Sandy is looking for?  Obviously many blogs right away seemed to misinterpret Alderson's quote on a Harvey replacement.  

“We’ve got some money to spend, I wasn’t planning on spending it on starting pitching because of the depth that we have, but given the fact that we may have lost our number one guy means we’re gonna have to look for an additional veteran presence in the rotation,” the GM said. “We have to accept it, absorb it and try to move on to be better.”


Where some bloggers got the idea that the quote implies spending on an ace?  I will never know, but back to the point.  What it appears he is looking for is a more healthy version of Chris Young and Shawn Marcum.  Someone that can step in and log innings.  Enter a guy like Wade Davis. 

The soon to be 28 year old Davis is signed for next season at 4.8M and has team options for 3 years following.   Below are his stats as a starter. Also according to Fangraphs Davis still clocks in around 92 for his fastball which is right at his career average. 


  2009 2 2 3.72 6 36.1 33 15 2 13 36 1.266 8.9 2.77
  2010 12 10 4.07 29 168.0 165 76 24 62 113 1.351 6.1 1.82
  2011 11 10 4.45 29 184.0 190 91 23 63 105 1.375 5.1 1.67
  2013 6 10 5.67 24 125.1 166 79 15 54 107 1.755 7.7 1.98
  Career Total 31 32 4.57 88 513.2 554 261 64 192 361 1.452 6.3 1.88
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Davis would provide a high upside innings eater that could also shift to reliever in the event that a Montero or other prospect is ready mid-season.   In fact Davis has excelled in his limited time in the pen. 


  2012 2.43 54 15 70.1 48 19 5 29 87 1.095 11.1 3.00
  2013 0.00 1 0 1.1 1 0 0 0 0 0.750 0.0  
  Career Total 2.39 55 15 71.2 49 19 5 29 87 1.088 10.9 3.00
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Of course the pending question is would the Royals be interested in trading him and what would it cost?  It doesn't take long to identify the Royals largest need.  While their pitching is near the top of the league, their HR are at the bottom of the AL and have managed a SLG% of only .377.  Positional their 2B, SS and 3B have all had poor years all with BA under .240 including 2B and SS having OPS under .600.  I won't throw out any hints but we do have quite a few guys who can "play" 2B and 3B.

Could the Mets go out and get a guy in FA and not have to trade anyone to get them?  Sure. MLBTR 2014 FA List  There are a few names on the list, however, FA has shown that even #5 innings eaters can still command hefty salaries.  A great example of that, at least he's  a great example of something, is Joe Blanton.  Blanton, 31 at the time,  signed last off-season to a 2 year 14M deal.  Are there other guys like Davis the Mets could trade for?  I am sure there are, I just happened to be listening to the guys at MLBN discuss the plans for Davis for the rest of the season as the Royals shift him back to the pen.