Sandbag training is a very basic and easy type of exercise. However, you do not purchase the actual sandbags, rather your purchase burlap bags and fill them with your choice of filler. Rehab therapists recommend this exercise because they are so easy to use and are used for many different things.

To make a sandbag you simply fill a burlap bag with sand and secure the end. They are often used to keep water under control during hurricanes. They are often stacked around a levee or even a house. They are also used for fortification by the military and emergency management.

You probably will not buy a full sandbag. Generally you purchase burlap bags and fill them with dirt or sand. This makes them much more portable. Burlap is difficult to tear because it is made of a strong fabric.

Some rehab specialists use sandbags in functional training. Rehabilitation therapists discovered functional training when they trying to find ways to keep their clients on a program. They found that if they gave them a way to use common household items to workout then they would stay more involved. Sandbags are also easy to use and can be filled with various amounts. Also, they are great for nearly any exercise.

A lot of people find that they remain more motivated when they go to a gym or workout with a friend. They have found that it is hard to stay focused when they work out alone. Others do not want to workout around other people or cannot fit it into their schedule. Gyms can also be expensive and you may want to find a different way to workout.

Working out is important and even if you cannot afford a gym you should still try to workout regularly. Some people go jogging but this is sometimes bad for your knees. The only money you need to invest would be a good pair of shoes. Many items in your house can be used to help you work out. Milk jugs filled with water or dirt and lifted are a great exercise. Only your imagination will hold you back.

There are precautions if you have not worked out for a very long time. It is not a good idea to go from being inactive to suddenly lifting heavy weights or doing an intense program. If you start too quickly then you could injure yourself and end up in a worse position then you started. Always discuss any program with your doctor and see if he feels that you can start working out first. Then start slowly, with small weights, or a short job. Then work your way up to a longer distance and heavier weights.

Some people need other people around to help keep them motivated when they workout and go to a gym. This can be difficult for people that have busy lives. Sandbag training is a great way of working out and fits any budget or schedule. Remember to check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

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