Salem, OR, 28-FEB-2013 - First Choice Chiropractic & Rehabilitation and Dr. Sunita Bhasin, D. C., Salem chiropractor, are pleased to announce that the pain of migraines can be relieved in an effective and natural way, thanks to the use of chiropractic techniques. Migraine paid is a particularly debilitating form of headache that affects a significant part of the population. The symptoms are powerful and the cause is not fully understood.

Most, if not all chiropractic methods rely on improving the overall health of the body. This is accomplished by removing blockages that prevent healing. In the case of migraines, this might mean realigning the spine where the vertebrae has moved out of alignment. The pressure on the nerve roots can interfere with the free flow of electrical signals to and from the brain. The brain can interpret the misfiring signals as pain.

Some individuals experience migraine headaches when stressors in the life are too high. These can be work related, or from other causes. The unrelenting tension created by outside stressors can lead to the onset of migraines as well as other types of headaches. Massages are one way in which stress can be relieved. A relaxing massage is comforting and will improve circulation throughout the body.

Environmental issues are not believed to be the cause of migraines, but high pollen count or allergens in the home or outdoor air can serve as a trigger. The Salem chiropractor will identify the types of substances that have been shown to trigger the painful episodes and help the patient to ameliorate the effects of the issues.

The doctor will help the patient to make other changes in the lifestyle which will improve overall health. Some of the elements in the care plan could be better nutrition, more exercise, improved posture and learning how to relax.

Learn more about the techniques that help to eliminate migraine headache pain by visiting the website at now. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about chiropractics and the info contained in this press notice are invited to contact Dr. Bhasin at the location described below.

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