Among the many types of rock, heavy metal in the volume, machismo and dramatic style on the most extreme. In the heavy metal genre, there are many sound variations, but they are loud Sac a main Longchamp Pas Cher by the effect of distorted guitar playing and simple, hit the melody as much as possible to reach a consensus. Since the beginning of heavy metals on the day of its existence been controversial

Represent their own indie rock band thinking to do and when to release the album a small share of low-budget features. Although most independent type of music is the Lord's sac longchamp brand to enter the market, sales of share of the takings, but they make the decision process is still in accordance with their own ideas. Similarly, indie rock is free to explore sounds, emotions and lyrics of the theme without the need to cater to public tastes.

When the pure industry with its main electronic music and dance from the pilot suggests, industrial metal distorted electric guitar noise that has become an important musical component. Some industrial metal Sacs Longchamp 2011 Solde band to build their songs around the metal in the style of guitar riffs, when others use it to create a more harsh and abrasive rough texture.

The evolution of punk speed metal, punk band the traditional natural expression in music of many intense than the original, but this is punk music in the United States attracted a large audience in part because music is more simple and intense, like a speed more more fierce garage rock soon. Punk music in the United States sacs Longchamp Pliage has been low-key existence, and ultimately gave birth to the hard core rock and indie rock concept. In the UK, punk rock has become the darling of the public.