At Yale University during his two consecutive summer internships in the Intelligence Bureau. Despite the fact that he had no formal education of journalists, after graduation he sac longchamp chose to do journalism, not to remain in the Intelligence Bureau. He claims he is from the womb in a news addict. In some simple journalistic work, he breaks down from the news reports, stay for a year in Vietnam, Hanoi University in Vietnam during the Vietnam language.

Cooper graduated from Yale University, delivered the work to try to apply the ABC to do the most basic sac longchamp pas cher phone reception, but was rejected. Found to enter the on-site studio is not so easy, Cooper decided to use the help of friends made a fake reporter passes. Cooper was in a very small inside the Channel One news organization to do fact-checking work. Channel One has a program for young people, many middle and high schools sac Vanessa Bruno to the America for broadcast. Cooper used his false passport to enter Myanmar, met with the Myanmar government protest students. He finally sold to Channel One of the first to produce their own news and information.

His outspoken criticism of their own unique tone and a white-haired image captured many viewers quickly become current affairs news programs Sac a main Longchamp in the star host. Anderson also because of America hurricane climate detailed reports and access to national real headlines Correspondent Award. He borrowed a camera and went to Vietnam, Myanmar, fake news to get permit to shoot a lot in two, back to America, the interview video was the first American news channel used. He went to the famine in Somalia, after returning to work sac longchamp pliage to get ABC television. Cooper started work in news channels, entertainment channels and later was transferred to host reality show The Mole, he brought this reality show, the streets filled with smoke.

Never married, and has been intentionally avoided talking about his private life, reason is an attempt to protect his neutrality as a correspondent. He's cautious in public and tabloid reporter described his mother's life and her longchamp pliage biography, published a detailed description of her romance with celebrities in stark contrast, Cooper vowed not to repeat the tragedy. Long before he made this decision, I know some people would be interested in my private life before. As a reporter, should be the most important thing is to become an observer, and which can adapt to your group, but I do not want to make Vanessa Bruno any threat of this thing. However, he has been said about the he wanted to have a family and a child's wish.

Wanmoxiangdao, I feel he completely changed from the night after. I noticed that his face is no longer, but by all his experience and his great character just completely infected. He is a very delicate feelings and a strong compassion, dedication, humility, humor, a man. He described he saw longchamp pas cher all the natural and man-made disaster story. He does not just report the news, but the life of the object into the report, victims experience the pain and frustration. His lecture, there are several times faster cried excitedly.