Super Cup first leg before the war, media and public opinion has been generally agreed that Mike Mussina will be led by Real Madrid defeated Barcelona sac a main longchamp soldes at the Bernabeu. The first, Real Madrid appears to have so doing, they almost fierce offensive to Barcelona overwhelmed. But in the end the two sides shake hands.

The second round of the Super Bowl seems to prove this point, although at the Nou Camp, but Real Madrid did not prevent the sac longchamp contrary intention. Also on the scene once dominated the initiative, even if it is Barcelona who lead twice, Real Madrid or twice to tie, and always let the two teams at the same starting line, if not last-minute clean sheet, the winner of Real Madrid and Barcelona is not good conclusion. sacs Longchamp Pliage Now although Super Cup ended in victory for Barcelona, ​​but this war is more evidence now of Real Madrid and Barcelona on the same horizontal line above the clash between the two sides is equal, only winning or losing in a flash.

In the two Super Bowl, the media have begun to change the argument. The reason for this, mainly because the game is no longer at a disadvantage, Real Madrid, Barcelona them even the opportunity to unseat, but sac longchamp pas cher luck and other factors prevented Real Madrid. Perhaps, the Super Bowl two games to prove clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid is the team between two evenly matched contest.