When it was announced that Ryan Anderson was part of the line-up for the Rogers Centre this weekend, fans were pumped to see how the youngest Anderson would do. With the kick-off event to the 2014 Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour in the books, Anderson has proven the hype is there for the right reason.

Anderson would put his Son UVA Digger truck at the top of the heap for the qualifying session with a time of 20.850 seconds, and keep it solid throughout all of racing to take home the victory.

There were a couple incidents during racing as a couple trucks spun out during either their qualifying lap or race. Also, Lloyd Twitchell went for a tight left turn with Krazy Train and sent the train over on it’s roof, ripping the body off.


As mentioned, the night started off each truck going up against the clock, posting the quickest lap possible. In the end, here are the times….

  1. Ryan Anderson in Son UVA Digger at 20.85
  2. Neil Elliott in Maximum Destruction at 20.88
  3. Chad Tingler in Grave Digger at 21.34
  4. Jim Koehler in Avenger at 23
  5. Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare at 23.06
  6. Brad Allen in Mega Bite at 23.29
  7. Taryn Laskey in Monster Mutt Dalmatian at 23.63
  8. Rod Schmidt in Monster Mutt Rottweiler at 23.72
  9. Bob Robbins in Aftershock at 24.12
  10. Cory Rummel in Spike at 25.94
  11. Scott Liddycoat in Dragon at 25.94
  12. Trey Myers in Iron Warrior at 26.22
  13. Chuck Werner in El Toro Loco at 26.37
  14. Jim Tracy in Higher Education at 28.78
  15. Steve Koehler in Wrecking Crew at 28.78. Koehler did go for a small spin during his run.
  16. Lloyd Twitchell in Krazy Train at 29.62


Round 1:

Anderson beats Twitchell as Twitchell sends the train for a rollover
Schmidt beats Robbins
McQueen beats Myers
Werner beats J. Koehler as Koehler breaks something in the rear-suspension
Tingler beats S. Koehler as Koehler was a little squirrely through his run
Liddycoat beats Allan
Laskey beats Rummel as Rummel goes for a spin
Elliott beats Tracy.


Round 2:

Anderson beats Schmidt

McQueen beats Werner BARELY
Tingler beats Liddycoat
Elliott beats Laskey as she runs into issues with her doggy



Anderson beats McQueen
Tingler beats Elliott


It came down to all Digger final, with Adam Anderson taking the win in Son UVA Digger in his first Toronto appearance.

See photos from all the action today at http://www.facebook.com/ashleymccubbin.media

The question on many fan’s minds is can Anderson come out on Sunday and back up this performance? You can come see for yourself by going to http://www.ticketmaster.ca and buying tickets for the show. With Pizza Pizza Kids Tickets just $15, it’s worth every penny.


For more information on the entire Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour, check out http://www.monsterjamcanada.ca

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