Many wonder what the new breed of quarterbacks in the NFL in the look like, many come to mind like Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick. But this season looks like the quarterback of the future reigns in Seattle Seahawks and second year quarterback Russell Wilson.

Coming into the league many doubted he had the skill set to even compete at a high level but proved the naysayers as Wilson not only won the starting quarterback job from veteran Matt Flynn but also lead the Seahawks to gain a spot in the playoffs and get a playoff win against RG3 and the Redskins.

This season Wilson already looks sharper than last season. As he leads his team to an early 4-1 start and an early favorite to play in this year’s Super Bowl.

Wilson is shorter than most quarterbacks but he has a skill set that many don't have in that consist of power, accuracy in his throws and his good running ability something that can grow and improve over the years and not only make him an elite quarterback or an MVP but maybe even a Super Bowl champion. As Wilson's career goes on it will be interesting seeing how he improves as a quarterback.

Overall Seattle won't have to worry about getting a quarterback anytime soon as Wilson will be the main man in Seattle for years to come.

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