The Hartsville Red Foxes Football Team has dealt with more tragdy drag, it was not great feeling at all. During the Homecoming Game vs The Crestwood Knights The Hartsville Red Foxes football Family and community lost a love in Ronald R. Rouse Jr. He was a very special guy to be around and not only he was a special guy but he was a GREAT player. Despite the tragdy drag did that stop the team of being sucessful? NO! As Mike Tomiln Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach would say "Next man must step up" Not only the team is stepping up with a 12-0 record but they are play the Socatee Braves!! all of this is because this teams hard work of G.B.E.D (Get better everyday) Bayy, Jymeke, Bruce and Ronald for sure looking down and is very proud of their school. Offense and Defense just get the job done when it's crunch down time. I commend Jeff Calabrese and his coaching staff for their hard work and their desire to get their football players in the right path of success on the field and off the field when you say this is now a family its become a family football team. These players need to have their heads high because of their hard work and hard work pays off. I'm so blessed to graduate this school because now matter what happens we stick together as a family and that's a blessing from God. 

Next Week Hartsville are going to Socatee with swagg upon their step and I don't blame them they are playing with a purpose. But who want's it more both team are undefended but who will fall and who will move on. Socatee better be ready for a fighting and a never give up attitude I'm so jack up til it's even funny. I'm going on the limb and saying this if the Foxes beat them Braves next week then HARTSVILLE will go to state will they win it's TBD but a promise that they will go to state and you can bank on it. How I know that? because I said so BECAUSE WE ARE ROUSE FOX!!!