After a disappointing weekend to say the least, the flyers find themselves in a rut for points, and playing some undisciplined hockey. With the fans not focusing much on the good and more on the iffy goaltending and bad bounces, the flyers can do one of two things… Either back into it and continue this poor play, or be resilient and push on to better times.

A few things are going to have to change for the latter to be a reality. Firstly the flyers need to focus on defense. With Bourdon looking quite flat footed the last couple games; Matt Carle has had trouble holding the blue line by himself. And I’m sorry, but Brayden Coburn is not a good defenseman, rarely will I call someone out, but he is a weak link and shouldn’t receive as much play time. He’s not disciplined at all. Secondly, the rookie lineups are playing great, and we have the talent, but we don’t shoot the puck. Evgeni Nabokov got lucky he has our number; we played the right style of game. Giroux is in the top 5 players in the league without a doubt, but he never pulls of that sick wrister he has. Same as Read, Jagr, Briere, even Timonen.  It doesn’t matter if it finds twine, just shoot it. And lastly, our fans need to change their diapers and give the boys some momentum. The more you cry about Bryzgalov losing in shootouts, the worse it’s going to get. Bob stinks in shootouts too don’t forget. Our fans are used to a mid-season slump, but history has shown that we always prevail. And whether or not our fans decide to stink with our boys, they are going to overcome it anyway.

With all the rookies and lack of a veteran presence in the lineup, younger people such as Claude Giroux have stepped up to the plate as a leader. He will lead this team, and the injuries will end, and we will start winning. And I believe in the team, and know that they will overcome a bad week and follow soon with a great week.