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Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, it did. The starting forward for the defending champions Ron Artest has publicly admitted to drinking Hennessy, a french cognac, during halftime of games.

The retard furthered the interview with Sporting News (which will be published on Dec.7) stating,

“”I [kept it] in my locker. I’d just walk to the liquor store and get it…When I was a 19-year-old father, whew. I was a single pimp! I was wild,” he told the magazine. “A lot of marijuana and alcohol — even before [that age]. … I [still] party and I have fun, but not like I used to. I used to drink every night and party every night.”

What is your take on Artest coming forth and openly saying that he used to drink alcohol during halftime of games?

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