reports that Brett "The Grimm" Rogers (10-3) has been cut following his domestic assault arrest in Dakota County, Minnesota where the now former Strikeforce heavyweight beat both his wife and children. His daughters told police that the one time top ten heavyweight beat up their mother, punching her multiple times, once so hard that a tooth was knocked out, and strangled her as well, causing her to black out (seriously, how bad is Arlovski's chin these days that a hundred fifty pound woman can take a better punch?) When police found Miss Rogers, who'd blacked out after being choked, she had "a golf ball sized lump on the left side of her head, as well with small lumps on middle and right sides, blood coming from her face, injuries to her jaw, ear, neck, and back and was denied an assault took place multiple times and claimed she had just "fallen on the ground." After being released from a hospital she claimed the assault was "her fault."

    Now I'm not one to point fingers people, but when your own daughters accuse of beating their mother and she's found wandering around aimless and barefoot looking like hell and talking like Ike Turner was looking right over her shoulder you've gotta imagine that Rogers is a cheating like scum bag who likes to be paid to beat up men but will happily give a woman and a kid a beating for free. The mohawk enthusiast claims he'd been drinking and that she hit him first. Yeah, that's seriously his defense.

   Hopefully Grimm will serve a nice long prison sentence and where the boys in orange there will teach him how to absorb the ground and pound and, instead of his wife, he'll get something to choke on.


-Patrick Antenucci of the newly rejuvanized (if you're looking for work email [email protected] , currently a pay free job that future compensation will awarded to once the site is back to an active status.)