Been away for an extended period of time , dealing with computer viruses and general apathy about what’s going on with both promotions. So much hype and very little bang for the buck for either side has me wondering if the big show coming up is going to be worth a Sunday night at BW 3’s . The Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber are both a part of history now and the hype of Sting and the Undertaker has fallen by the wayside . Sting , for some reason that is still unclear to me has resigned with TNA , so the big match that is signed so far for WM 27 is going to be Under Taker vs. HHH. They both made their return’s on the not so subtle return on Raw last week and the match is officially a go. HBK may be added at a later date as special guest Referee or enforcer but I don’t know how that will add to anything unless they are going to end the streak Read more: