Our friends at Husker Hype have breathed new life into the ole Big Red Blogger Roundtable (pictured).

In this edition we predict winners of the competition for starting quarterback and running back and a quick look at Huskers in the NFL draft.

Who do you think will come out of Spring Practice as the Offensive and Defensive MVP?

Steve Hanway: The Offensive MVP would be Cody Green. You might choose a running back, but you'd think they're not going to give Helu 20 carries or even Burkhead for that matter. You'd love to see what Dontrayevous Robinson will do, but Green's sure to get a good number of snaps and they might turn him loose in the option game. You'd expect the ball to be shared around, which is why I wouldn't choose a receiver.

The Defensive MVP will be Prince Amukamara. Crick...

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