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Another week in wrestling has come and gone, and Ring Rap Audio is here to entertain you.  We hope.  Bill, Matt, and Drew realized that Ring of Honor and TNA have gotten no love on the podcast since it's returned.  So, since they are noble gentleman, they give both companies some of the attention they so deserve.  Unfortunately, for TNA it's not all positive, and there are some criticisms of ROH as well.  They can't all be winners, can they?

Somehow, these two topics took up the better part of 48 minutes, and talking about how boring Raw was took up the better part of another 40 minutes are so.  Toss in an #AskRingRap question about The Undertaker, sprinkle on some retro WCW talk, and toss in the Mulkey Brothers, and you've got a show that pushes that scary 2-hour boundary.

We're sorry.  Won't happen again.

It's a great conversation, however, and there's some incredible nostalgia talk, so check it out and let us know what you think!

Special thanks to @DJScribs. for sending in his question this week. Don't forget, you can too! Use #AskRingRap and ask us your questions!  We'll tackle them on the air!

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