Welcome folks to another week of Ring of Honor Wrestling!  We’ve got a big match tonight!  The ROH Champions will be facing off against the ROH All Stars.  8 men will enter the ring.  How many will walk out?

Glory by Honor XII continues from Chicago Ridge, IL.  Kevin Kelly and Steve Carino are on announcing duties.  Looks like one match tonight, just the main event.

First to the ring are the All Stars: C & C Wrestle Factory (Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman), Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin.  They’re facing off against all the ROH Champions - reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Riley), Matt Taven, and Adam Cole.

Ring of Honor Champions (reDRagon vs & Matt Taven & Adam Cole) vs. Ring of Honor All Stars (C & C Wrestle Factory & Jay Lethal &  Michael Elgin)

From reports, I hear this match goes nearly 75 minutes, but for the TV broadcast we’ve got about 40 left.  Still, we’re in for a treat.

This is an elimination match.  Whoever is left standing wins for their team.  

Elgin and Cole start things out.  Cole ducks out of the ring.  Cole is not amused and tags in Matt Taven before even touching Elgin.  Naturally, Elgin tags in Lethal.  Lethal lays into Taven with a chop, and Taven ducks out too.  Now it’s Lethal and Fish.  Tags are pretty frequent, I’m not gonna try to keep up.

Alexander hits a running knee on Fish.  Tag to Coleman.  Fish gets an inverted atomic drop and a tag to O’Riley.  Coleman hits a series of arm drags into a dropkick.  Tag to Elgin.  Elgin launches O’Riley into the corner with a fierce Irish Whip.  O’Riley manages to get a tag but Cole was clearly avoiding the tag.  It’s Taven that’s lucky enough to get held up for the suplex.  Twice they try to break the hanging suplex, and twice Elgin impressively picks Taven back up.  There’s a final break on the hold and we go to break.

We come back from break, and Outlaw Inc is watching from ringside.  Elgin is out in the ring, thanks to Taven.  Cole wants in, but as soon as Elgin gets some steam, Cole gets the hell out of there.  Elgin clears house outside the ring.  Steve Corino says they should change Elgin’s nickname from “Unbreakable” to “Uncalled For.”  Fantastic.

All hell breaks loose and everyone’s in the ring.  Then the match cuts, and we’re further in progress.  Sad face.  Nice teamwork by O’Riley and Cole.  Taven hits an interesting springboard senton on Lethal.  Lethal barely makes a hot tag to Alexander.  He’s on fire, clearing the heels one by one.  Taven cuts him off.  Springboard enzuigiri by Alexander.  Alexander nearly gets the pin on Adam Cole.  Nice sequence.

Whoever eliminates Cole gets a World Title Opportunity, so this raises the stakes a bit.  Alexander makes a run to Cole outside, but Cole catches him with an enzuigiri through the ropes.  There’s bodies flying everywhere, and it’s awesome.

Outlaw Inc. runs in and interferes in the match.  This should be a DQ, but they’re letting it go and trying to remove them.  More cuts in the match.  We see Cedric Alexander take out the entire match.  If they’re trying to make me order the PPV, they’re doing a pretty good job.  Bobby Fish is out, busted open.  Cole catches Alexander with a Superkick for an elimination.  Cedric Alexander is out.

Cedric Alexander is eliminated by Adam Cole

Lethal and Coleman work over Matt Taven.  Meanwhile, one of the Hoopla Hotties tries to distract Lethal.  She does a pretty good job, actually, but Lethal is ready for Taven’s attack.  He heads up top, and another Hottie tries to stop Lethal.  She climbs up top and slaps him.  Taven goes for a Superkick and connects while both are up top, and both go falling through the table.

Coleman goes for a surprise rollup in the meantime.  Near fall.  Caprice Coleman is unloading on Taven while the staff attends to the Hoopla Hottie.  Some nice Northern Lights Suplexes to Taven.  Taven works over Coleman, and Cole makes a blind tag.  Taven and Cole argue.  

Florida Key to Coleman and he’s out.

Caprice Coleman is eliminated by Adam Cole

Jay Lethal is still laid out outside, and there’s talk that he won’t be able to continue.  Michael Elgin stands in the middle of the ring, as the champions circle him.  All four attack and swarm Elgin.  

One by one the heels tag in and work over Elgin.  O’Riley gets Elgin in a submission move, but Elgin lifts him and slams him.  Taven makes a run for Elgin and eats a clothesline.  Elgin clears the heels.  O’Riley hits another submission.  Again, Elgin on his feet.  He hits an impressive suplex for a near fall.

Jay Lethal is still ringside and recovering.  Bobby Fish hops on Elgin’s back and tries to choke him.  Elgin hits a nasty Belly to Back on Taven WHILE Fish clings to him.  Ouch!  Nice sequence leading to Kyle O’Riley’s elimination.  

Kyle O’Riley is eliminated by Michael Elgin

Back from break, and Elgin deadlift-suplexes Adam Cole, who is not even the legal man.  Lethal is trying to get back into the match.  He climbs up to the apron and extends his hand for a tag, despite the pleas of the refs.  Elgin makes the hot tag to Lethal.  Lethal clears the ring.  Dive outside the ring to Fish, then Cole.  Then Taven!  All three champs are out.  The fans are loving this.  Truth Martini makes an attempt to interfere.  Nope.  Back to Taven and Lethal.  Lethal locks in a Cloverleaf, but Taven makes a tag to Cole.  Superkick and neckbreaker for the pin.

Jay Lethal is eliminated by Adam Cole

Cole has pinned all three of the eliminated All-Stars.  Taven and Cole double-team Elgin.  Taven misses a Frog Splash.  Elgin locks in a crossface, but Cole and Fish break it up.  Elgin clears them out of the ring.  Taven goes for his finisher, but Elgin reverses it and hits a Crossface to submit Matt Taven.

Matt Taven is eliminated by Michael Elgin

Bobby Fish in the ring now.  Kick to the head only brings a 2-count.  Then we cut again.  Sad.  Elgin lifts both Cole and Fish for a fallaway slam.  Very, very impressive strength.

Bobby Fish gets chopped in the throat.  Buckle Bomb.  Sitout Powerbomb, and we have an elimination.

Bobby Fish is eliminated by Michael Elgin

The announcers put over Bobby Fish - this was the first time he’s ever been defeated in Ring of Honor.  It’s down to Cole and Elgin.  If Elgin pins Cole, he gets a title shot.  If Cole pins Elgin, Elgin will never get a title shot against Cole again.

Elgin hits a series of deadlift German Suplexes.  Nice bridge on each.  Cole hits his version of the neckbreaker and a shining wizard for a two count.  We cut again.  Elgin hits a fierce clothesline, sending Cole upside down.  We cut again.  Figure Four by Cole.  Elgin is yelling at Cole to break his leg.  Hilarious.

Elgin gets out and locks in a crossface on Cole, right in the middle of the ring.  Cole rolls him over for a pin, but Elgin gets it back on.  Cole barely makes it to the ropes.  Buckle Bomb by Elgin, but Cole flips out of the second one.  Spinning Chop to the throat.  

The announcers put over the match is at an hour and eleven minutes.  Cole hits a jumping Canadian Destroyer on Elgin.  Elgin barely kicks out.

Cole brings Elgin up top, Elgin elbows out.  Elgin sets Cole up top.  They go back and forth.  Elgin hits a jumping superbomb from the top rope and gets the pin!

Adam Cole is eliminated by Michael Elgin

Winners: The Ring of Honor All Stars

Both men are laid out in the ring.  Jay Briscoe comes out to the ring, holding a bag in his hand.  Elgin is to his feet first.  They have words.  Briscoe wants to “settle it” with Cole for hitting him in the back of the head.  He uses whatever’s in the bag to hit Elgin in the head.  He hits Cole too!  He says you can’t have a Champions vs. All Stars match without the real champ!  He takes out a camouflaged Ring of Honor World Title and holds it above his head as the show comes to a close.

Very, very good episode.  I love when Ring of Honor focuses on a single match - it shows the importance of their titles.  Everything revolves around the belts, as it should.  It was very disappointing to see the cuts, but without seeing the whole match, I can’t say whether or not we missed anything important.  The beginning of the match had a lot of stalling, and I feel like a good chunk of that may have been cut out.  The rest of it was intense and they did a good job trying to make the cuts flow as cleanly as possible.  Still, it was pretty noticeable and they didn’t try to hide it, which they shouldn’t have.  

Clearly they want to entice us to purchasing the pay-per-view, and they did a good job of it, but I can’t help but wonder if the methodology hurts them more than it helps.

Thanks for following along with me this week folks.  Tune in next week for more Ring of Honor action!