Why would the New York Jets waste time signing Tim Tebow and know that they was not going use Tebow as the starting Quaterback . The Jets use sign Tebow to make things " interesting " between him and Mark Sanchez. Did that even work in Tebow`s favor?? Hmmmm no as a matter of fact it was worser with Tebow but, happy with Sanchez. Tim Tebow should have havd got the chance to be the starting QB on week four when they lost to Houston when Sanchez made a terrible mistake in the late minutes in the fourth quarter it should have been Tebowmania however did someone `s ego get the best of him that almost cost in job for good? Hmmmmm yes an that goes to Rex Ryan. Ryan/Saprano all along promise, promise and promise to Tebow was going to start not PLAY but to start as a QB but, didn't happen in his favor. Tebow strengths are Zone, Zone Read, Read Option, Option, Triple Option and Play Action off from the Zone, Zone Read, and the Option. We know that Tebow can`t throw a lick but when its crunch time he is that dude that will get the job done and finds a way to win a game , in this league that all the teams want to do right is win right? So, why in the hell Rex , Mike , Woody and Tony would screw Tebow? 


                     Oh because Tebow beat Coach Soprano in Miami last year and also beat Rex as well and y'all just want to get him back! Or just want to do that just for the hell of it? I think its both. 


                     So Mark Sanchez mess up with 18 interceptions and 8 forced fumbles in the past years while Sanchez was with the Jets and still is he is recorded of 50 turnovers. So Rex your ego says that you still want him? Very cleaver. But when Mark fell like minie me versus Tennessee you had the nerve to go to Greg McElroy??? What.. and you picked up Tebow this past off season and you can't trust him for what he did while he was with Denver! Then either you Tony, Mike, and Woody are dummer then wood and needs to get fired ASAP. Rex you screwed just for the hell of it to end his career and I'm sure he is not the only one your next with your staff I hope you`ll happy.

                    Cause Rex, Mike, Woody and Tony y'all screwed Tebow so everyone will say is?? FREE TEBOW!!!!