When it comes to being a part of Mike Modano's most memorable moments on the ice, Daryl Reaugh has seen them all.  Record setting goals and assists along with finally having the opportunity to raise the Stanley Cup.  However, unlike anyone else that we've spoke with during our week long series leading up to the retirement of Modano's number 9, Razor is the only one who's had an opportunity to play against Modano and thus, is able to provide a very unique point of view on just how amazing a player Mike really was.

StarsInsider: Did you ever have an opportunity to face Modano in a game?  If so, how did that work out for you/Modano?

Razor: Yes. I lost to the Stars in Hartford 6-3. I had no problem with Mike but Dave Gagner was a different story. He lit me up for the only Hat Trick I surrendered (great trivia nugget there)

SI: What is your greatest memory/moment of Mike Modano as a hockey player?  A person (off ice)?

Razor: My memories of Mike mostly involve him either laughing, scoring or crying...a couple times in the same game. The Cup victory in Buffalo and that final game as a Star at AAC are the two most memorable.

SI: One Cup, no scoring titles, no individual awards (Calder, Hart, etc).  Do you think Modano reached his maximum potential in regards to his overall greatness or do you think the move to a non-traditional hockey market like Dallas may have stunted his ceiling?

Razor: Well, he was robbed of the Calder, could have won a Selke, and sacrificed personal success for team success during late 90s. Massive respect for that. Secretly it would have been terrific to see what he could have produced if he had played for a firewagon club.

SI: Gretzky brought hockey to the south, but I’ve always said it was Modano who cultivated it.  Agree or disagree?  Why?

Razor: Mike deserves a ton of credit for making young impressionable Americans want to play hockey. And I have little doubt that hockey worked in Dallas in the early-mid 90s solely because of Mike's starpower. 

SI: Overall, where would you rank Modano in best overall hockey players you’ve seen in your career?

Razor: Mike is easily in the top 5 most exciting players I ever watched play the game. His combination of skating speed, rocket shot, hockey sense and presence was intoxicating. Your eyes were instantly drawn to him when he stepped on the ice. He and Pavel Bure were a lot alike in that respect. I also have massive respect for him morphing into the gritty 2-way Center he became under Hitch. And of course when I close my eyes and remember him, like everyone else I see that signature flapping jersey tail! Dazzling talent.

To hear Reaugh speak of his Modano moments the way many of us, as fans do, then it makes the fact that we all got to watch Modano achieve his iconic status even more special.  You don't think of CORSI or fenwick when you speak of Mike Modano.  It's the jersey flap.  It's the emotion that he shows, both on and off the ice.  It's the fact that when Mike Modano was on the ice, you held your breath, because if you didn't, Modano was going to do something to take it away.